Andrew Garfield Discusses the “power” of Spider-Man’s mask


Andrew Garfield, star of the “Amazing Spider-Man”, has brought a new style to everyone’s favorite web-slinger in the new film. Naturally, being a hero with super power gives you a certain confidence but ,in an interview with SFX?, Garfield explains that being the masked hero gave the ability to “spider troll” the criminals which his something he used for the character drawing from internet anonymity.

Garfield stated, “You feel the power of it, the power of not being seen, the power of the mask. Peter becomes witty when he’s got that protective layer. It’s like he’s on a message board. He’s got the anonymity of the Internet within that suit, and he can say whatever the hell he likes, and he can get away with anything. He can f**k with people and there’s no consequences because nobody knows who the hell he is. We all know how powerful and potentially dangerous that anonymity is.”


Personally, I have never really worried about things like that, I usually just say what I’m thinking whether I have anonymity or not, I’m also 6’3″ 275 lbs, but I totally get the point Garfield is making. Infact, if I may be so bold to say, I think it adds a certain degree of realism to the character. For someone who is a smaller, weaker (dare I say) nerdier character like Peter Parker to not only get extraordinary powers, but also wear a mask — there’s not much in the form of inhibitions to stop him from doing and saying what he wants. It literally gives him the opportunity to dish out a bit of what he’s taken over the years. The old adage, “With great power comes great responsibility” is very true but on that road to discovery, talking a little smack is just an added perk. People on message boards and chats have a certain security of saying what they want from the comfort of there computer with out much consequence and that essence is what Garfield is bringing to his characterization of Spider-Man. I, for one, think its a very interesting take and in today’s world makes a lot of sense.

via ComicsAlliance

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